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"Typemock - My testing tool of choice. Each time I use it, I rediscover its power, and I'm amazed. Great tool!"
Jason Divis, @CodingOfficer
Jason Divis, @CodingOfficer
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Typemock Isolator Server 

Typemock Isolator Server allows running all tests that use Typemock Isolator on a continuous integration server. 

While Typemock Isolator Developer edition helps you write and run your tests easily on your individual machine, you’ll need the build server integration to run your tests for the entire team. 

It comes with building blocks that make the integration with existing continuous build system easy
An external command-line tool to integrate in any build script
Custom MSBuild task for using in an MSBuild script
Custom TFS activity to integrate with Microsoft Team Foundation Server
Custom NAnt task for using in a NAnt script
In addition, Typemock Isolator  Server has reporting tools for improving your unit testing process:
Unit testing metric reports that allow you to make informed decisions 
Unit tests coding error reports allow you to set testing standards

Typemock integrates with all leading build servers/scripts, including:

The Client version of the current versions of the Isolators includes the client versions of the metrics and coding error modules

The Typemock Isolator Server single license is good for up to 5 virtual machines.